Nice to meet you! I'm Paige.

Business Strategist, CEO, Traveler

I am the Founder of Kismet Ideas, supporting business owners with mindset & marketing empowerment. I'm a Fulbright Scholar alum, IronMan Triathlon Finisher, and a coffee-and-bourbon-drinking kind of gal. I've lived in 3 countries outside the U.S. and traveled to many more. I'm completely obsessed with softwares & helping boss babes and dudes go after the things they desire most!



I'm a designer, software nerd, mermaid-spirited, boss.

Laptop lit days, wanderlust, and coffee.

When I was a kid my parents started a business called FutureKids. The bookshelves of our home were filled to the brim with softwares (remember the Oregon Trail? Yep, we had that one plus 100s more).


By the age of 14, I created my first website. It was a fan girl website for my favorite TV series. (I will buy you lunch if you guess which show.)


Study abroad in The Netherlands during my undergrad years introduced me to blogging and video! My first blog was called Optimism Travels. That's right, you can still find some adorably embarrassing selfie vlogs on Youtube if you go looking.


After some time living in Thailand (Fulbright Scholar) and Brazil (Rio Film School), I moved out to the west coast, earning dual Masters from the University of Southern California. 


In 2013, I started my company Kismet Ideas, a mindset and tech empowerment company.

In 2020, we launched Kismet Ideas TV and our first show called Titty Confidence: The Empowerment Effect.


Our team at Kismet Ideas include graphic designers, editors, copywriters, and web developers from around the world. 


Our programs and offers include the Link in Bio WorkshopKismet StorySelling Academy and the Kismet Design Accelerator.

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